Friday, September 24, 2010

MMMM Miso Soup!!!

I am craving miso soup. mmmmm... miiiisssso sooouup!! LOL I like the mushroom miso soup at Kabuki. Great stuff especially when it's cold and rainy outside... too bad it hasnt been cold and rainy out here. LOL!! I really want a rainy day. We get VERY LITTLE rain out here in L.A. ooooh I want a cold windy rainy day so I can have some miso soup while watching cartoons on tv (yes i still watch cartoons!! ha ha ha ha) and then have a moon cake for dessert!!! ah that would be perfect!! I think I've made miso soup only a few times in my life during culinary school. great now I am gonna have to hit Mitsuwa(my favorite Japanese grocery store they have really cool Japanese music playing in there lol) after I drop off my bro at school. I am out of kombu and miso paste. The good news is I am stocked up on tofu. mmmmm I LOVE TOFU!! I use it in many of my korean dishes especially in my korean stews/soups with cauliflower, broccoli, squash, potato, mushrooms and lots of love. ha ha ha ha but seriously I love my Korean food... and Japanese food, and Greek, and Chinese, and Israeli, and Sri Lankan, and Indian, and Argentine, and Mexican, and Spanish, and French, and Italian, and Russian, and German, and...damn I have tried lots of food now that I think about it. LOL wait there's more... ha ha ha ha well there is but I wont bore you with it. LOL anyway back to my miso soup so yeah... rainy cold windy day with miso soup, cartoons, and a moon cake ah! absolutely perfect!! ok here's a short video on how to make miso soup. It's very easy and the exact way I learned to make it in culinary school. enjoy!


Fuser said...

Soup? thaks
I'll take the cake!

Zie said...

Come to Singapore and you can try all sorts of food. We have almost everything here i think hahaha. I only know the ones that i like.
My family's all ready to make you their speciality...Curry!!

And if you go to Indonesia, you can try authentic Indonesian food. Bayu sends his regards by the way ;)

SoHo said...

HEY!!!!! Fuser, the soup is delicious! lol ur missing out young lady! LOL the moon cake i've never made before but I can try. LOL!!!

SoHo said...

You know I'd absolutely love to go to singapore. money's tight for me right now so I cant go...BUT when money isnt an issue for me anymore, I'll be on the first flight out to visit you!!! omg my mom wanted to have some curry noodles on monday but i ordered something else for her but she still thought the thing i ordered for her was good. LOL I am taking her out for curry tomorrow. she loves curry too!!! lol

OMG Bayu is the cutest little thing ever!!! tell him I said "Hi sexy" LMAO!!! he's adorable!! send him my love.

hugs and kisses to both of you!!