Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yesterday me and my long time friend went out to have breakfast together. We then went to a sex shop in west Hollywood that she wanted to go to, to buy herself some gadgets... I must admit that it was my first time at a sex shop. I've never been in one before and I felt surprisinglycomfortable in there. I thought I would feel totally awkward but I didn't. Of course I looked around and saw strange looking things I wasn't sure What they were or how they worked but whatever. Eventually I became bored and wanted to leave but my friend couldn't decide what to get finally she made a decision and we went on our way. She explained that I didn't feel strange in there because that was a nice sex shop set ur kinda trendy and cool so that it doesn't feel like ur a pervert LOL. She said there are some really ugly ones out there LOL. Anyway then we went to a nail salon and I tell you I never had my nails done. Manicure or pedicure I had never had. Until yesterday I got my nails done and they turned out super cute!!! Trying to post a pic but again I am limited what I can post using my phone

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