Friday, October 4, 2013

old news..

The following are some bits of old news/ interesting articles and my two cents on it; and by bits I literally mean bits. :)
I meant to post these a few weeks back but I didn't so here they are now.

1: Pennsylvania officials under fire for 'Racist and Sexist' texts.
yes 2 school officials were under fire for having texted back and forth to each other racists and sexist text using their district phones. you know, the phone that your company provides you with when you work for them. What was said in the text messages was not revealed however, in my opinion...

Those text were done on district phones, I think this highlights the stupidity of the people working in the education system.

2: Paris Fashion week
This is one of my favorite things to give my opinion on because really, who is gonna wear such terrible looking clothes? I mean can you see yourself wearing something like this?
Is this woman wearing a dog's costume cape around her neck or a bib? oh its a bib to catch all the food she won't be eating. 

This here is just plain scary. seriously? how is this fashion? this is plain ridiculous! sometimes I think designers do this to get a laugh out of the public. ha ha ha ha!

Somebody feed this girl!! 
I wonder why these girls do this to themselves. I'm sure it's a miserable lifestyle. 

3: Tycoon plans $8 billion Chinese Hollywood
Remember a few weeks ago or maybe a couple months ago I blogged about a Chinese billionaire that recreated the city of Paris in China? He basically made an entire replica of Paris in China and now the Chinese city of Paris is deserted because nobody wants to live there. Guess what?
Now this Tycoon is planning on creating a Chinese Hollywood!! you heard right! We all know what happened when a replica town of Paris was built in china... It is now almost completely deserted and lost LOTS of money. It's China, they make rip offs of everything including cities around the world! LOL terrible idea. lol

4: French Ghost Town deserted for 40 years thanks to Charles De Gaulle
The once bustling farming town of Goussainville-Vieux Pays just 12 miles from Paris has been abandoned for forty years after tragedy and modernization forced residents from their homes. In 1973, during the Paris Air Show, a Tupolev TU-144, a clone of the Concorde, crashed into the village, flattening houses and killing eight people. The accident badly shook the village - but their nightmare was not over. A year later the Charles de Gaulle airport opened with its runways just two miles from the village. From then on the constant noise was a plague on the town and a constant remainder of the deadly crash. Residents soon moved away, tired by the noise pollution and living in fear of another plane crash. Now the small town, which survived both World Wars, is home to just a handful of residents. (text above taken from yahoo) 

My opinion? Its such a lovely town with lots of potential. clean it up, paint it and repair damages, change windows to sound proof like they are doing in (Inglewood,CA) and the planes the fly above wont even be noticed. as far as pollution.. those fumes are made to rise when exerted into the atmosphere. I'm sure there will be residue but hey the areas surrounding LAX are still in business and boy those planes fly way low. No reason why this one cant thrive. its certainly a cute town.

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