Monday, October 7, 2013

This plant will be MINE!!

I totally want this lemon scented geranium plant. It's soooo cute!!
I am a lot like my mother in that I enjoy plants, especially if I can eat them, make them into tea, use them as an ingredient, or just keep them in my home to make my garden or home smell good! Lemon scented geranium plant... such a pretty plant and check out the description... I'm sold!! :)

Scented Geranium 'Queen of Lemon' absolutely holds true to its name. This plant spreads a delightful lemony scent that deters gnats and mosquitoes, keeping them out of your garden. Place this plant in your garden, or in a flower pot or container on your decking and you will not be attacked by gnats or mosquitoes. This plant has a very welcoming appearance

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