Wednesday, October 9, 2013

my strange but fun dream

I had a very strange dream just now. Yes it's about 7:30am and I just had a dream so before I forget it I am going to share it with you. It was a short dream but a cool one. LOL. I dreamt I was a voice talent for an animated Disney movie LOL. It was kind of like Aladdin type deal except it was a bit more modern and it was nothing like Aladdin. LOL. I played a young princess whose whose passions include animals, travel, cultures, language... My real passions basically. Her life revolves around caring for her animals that she's rescued and has no time for a romantic life... Until she meets a grad student still in his graduation Cap and gown on his way to his palace. Yes he's a prince too. This young man is quirky, has a love for life and has fallen for the young princess at first sight. After dinner under a clear evening and a starry sky out in the palace's back yard enjoying the fire pit he tells his butler who's his trusted friend, about the young girl he's seen. completely delighted he stirs up a plan to see her again and win her heart. Meanwhile the princess in her own world of animals and passions, has no idea her prince charming is about to knock at her door. So that's a bit of the story kind it's easier to see it in your dream than. Swing to explain it. LOL this is one of the movies where the animals can talk amongst each other. My childhood friend Rosa was the voice of the lead animal. I think she was a little pig. I was the voice of the princess and guess who was the voice of the prince? Mr Wentworth Miller!!! My dream went through the process of recording the voices and up to the premiere. I was happy because I didn't know Rosa was playing a role in that movie and I haven't seen her for months. Normally. In animated movies, the voice actors don't hot a chance to see each other so I was happy to be walking with a crew around me to the awaiting car to take me to the premiere and being informed I would see my friend!!! I arrived at the premiere and immediately saw my friend and Went on the carpet so I ran over and it was such a happy feeling seeing them both. I felt like we all knew each other from years ago. LOL that was my dream. It ended as we were waking together down the carpet to the movie theatre to see the premiere of our animated movie. LOL ok that was my dream lol

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