Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good Morning!! My morning news story!!

Alright everybody!! GOOD MORNING!!!!!!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today, I have planned to go visit my Uncle Ray at the hospital where he works as an urgent care doctor. I try to visit and hang out with him as much as I can but really, how much can we chat? not too much because he will have his nurses calling him often but he does have more free time than any other doctor I've seen so I guess its good. Anyway, before I go hang out with my uncle Ray, I wanted to post a story about a company that is looking for an alternative to meat for meat eaters. A plant based meatless "meat" product backed by Bill Gates. All of this is in effort to make meat eaters choose a "meat" that is better for them, and better for the environment. I think it's a great idea. I've had been vegetarian for 10 years and actually i tried lots of meatless products out there but if i looked at the ingredient list, it had a ton of things I couldnt even pronounce. super processed stuff. The ingredient list on Beyon Meat is pretty clean. Its a little pricey for 12 0z of meat (5 dollars and some change ) but it's pretty good.
anyway the article is WAY TO LONG for me to post so here is the link to it. Tell me what you think? would you be willing to switch "real" meat for this meatless alternative?

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