Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My friend and I have been wanting to try BEER BELLY for a while now and i've been asking my friends to come with me and check it out. usually no takers but this time i got my way. My friend and I decided to go along without the rest of our crew because they were working so we went to beer belly in koreatown on western between aiota coffee shot and I love boba. its in the back of those establishments i mean you can easily miss it so there u have it. Anyway we ordered a really nice beer i forgot the name. We also ordered Duck Fat Fries with Duck Confit (Death by Duck) and Raspberry Mustard.That was a little bucket for greasy heavan!! i loved every morsel of that. We then had the duck french dip sandwich with a mushroom dip. That blew my mind!!! seriously I am NOT easily impressed with places that have a big hype to them but man this place absolutely did live up to its hype. I was blown away!! sooooooooo AMAZING. If you guys are ever out here... definitely check this place out!! I would post a picture of the fries but I cant for some reason. Anyway it was amazing!basically french fries cooked in duck fat with a bit of shredded crispy duck meat to top the fries served with a side of raspberry mustard!!! how amazing is that???!!! yeah VERY AMAZING!!

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