Sunday, July 21, 2013

Short true Story

A few years ago, on my day off from work I hopped in my little red prius one morning, and went to a Japanese market because I felt like having one of those juicy, sweet, Japanese apples, and a steamed sweet bun. As I made my way out to the parking lot with my edible goods in hand I was approached by a young woman looking distressed, messy clothes and her hair tied up with a rubber band. She asked me for food for her young children who were homeless and living in her car I figured at least she's not asking for money that she'll spend on drugs or in a bar She told me her "life story" about being beaten by her husband and she was running away from him and going to a women's shelter with her kids and needed food trying to convince me that she was not lying. said she could walk me over to her car and show me her kids, I offered her grapes I had bought so sweet, fresh and still on the stem, to which she gave a funny look and said I dont want to take your grapes can you please give us something cheap like bologna and bread instead? I doubted she was being truthful and thought beggars cant be choosers but my gullible side took over and my reason flew out the window. At that point, compassion took over, I walked to a nearby market with her thinking well, she looks very young distressed but sober, As we entered the market together she followed a few steps behind, I grabbed her bologna and bread and thought to myself I better not look back at this in regret thinking how i could be so blind we made our way to the register and i paid for the bread and bologna, very cheap...4 dollars.I had a well paying job and so I thought, 4 dollars was nothing for what I bought. I then took the back and handed it to her to which she looked at me in shock and said "that's it? i can take it? I can go now?" I said yes just take it. good luck. she said thank you sooo much in a voice full of gratitude she said thank you again. then she walked out of the store. I stood outside of the entrance of the market to see where she went, as i saw her drive in front of me with 3 young stoned kids her same age in the back seat another was in the front seat and they all had expressionless faces as they all stared at me. I stood at he entrance door staring back nodding my head thinking I should have given that whore a giant piece of shit instead!! I said that is the LAST time I am falling for this kind of shit, I am tired of these beggars ripping people off for their hard earned money! When i arrived home I told my mother what had happened, she said you were willing to help who you thought was a person in need. I thought to myself yeah but that bitch took advantage of my kindness I am so stupid, so stupid indeed. so my story ends there with this bitch faking needing help. if i ever see her again I will go back to that japanese store and slap her with my salted dried kelp!! This here is a true story. I've learned my lesson. not really cuz years later a guy claiming he was out of gas scammed me outta 5 bucks and when i tried to take my money back from him he begged me not to and said he felt guilty. yeah guilty cuz he knew he was lying to me. I just cant believe this world is full of dirty dishonest people. I hope they never get a cent out of anybody else.

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