Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hi everybody!!! Just want to pop in here to say that I decided to take a year off of work and really take a well deserved break from working and focus on school but before I get too into my school routine, I decided to travel to TURKEY!!!!!! Its really a place i've always wanted to go but to be honest I've wanted to go to many many many other places like The Czech Republic, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Hungry, Russia, India, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Bali, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, and so forth.. As you can see, if Money was not an issue for me, I would make my rounds all over the planet!! Unfortunately because I am not included in the "1%" of filthy rich people, I am VERY limited as to where I can go. Anyway this time I will be heading off to Turkey. However, I really would love to visit France, Italy, and Spain, Places where I am familiar or speak the language. My point is I am going to Turkey but I might change my mind and tour a couple countries in Europe. I will be going alone unless my friend can get his money soon and then we will take off together. YAY!!! Alright, here is a video that I really liked that has nice pictures of Istambul.

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