Saturday, July 6, 2013

Britney Spears at my high school!

Ok so I was reading an article about the song baby one more time sung by Britney Spears was originally written for another singer. However that singer turned it down and so they gave it to Britney Spears... I decided to watch the music video and I remembered that her entire video for this song was filmed at my high school. Venice High School. We were the Venice Gondoliers. you can actually see it says Venice High School Gondoliers on the wall behind the basketball hoop in the gym scene and the giant "V" on the floor for Venice. I took my roommate to my high school to show him where each scene was filmed because he does like Britney Spears... he thought it was pretty cool. LOL ok that was my random post for today... here you go... enjoy the video!

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