Monday, July 29, 2013

Remember Figaro bistro I blogged about? its back!

Remember I had blogged about les noces du figaro? a beautiful french restaurant in downtown Los angeles? well I also mentioned the original Figaro Bistro owned by the same family... ok i have to confess something. It is owned by my boyfriend and his family. Its a cute place though... the one downtown is classy and beautiful, the one in Los Feliz on vermont is cozy, classically French, and soooo charming! ok well this yahoo segment features Figaro bistro in Los Feliz on vermont. and it also features my boyfriend. LOL yes i got a little jealous but it was scripted so there you are. My bf appears on the first scene at "the busy coffee shop" he's the one in the white polo shirt that this girl winks at. lol check it out! sorry again you have to copy and paste the link. I couldn't embed the video for some reason. ENJOY!

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