Wednesday, March 7, 2012

too much chocolate and wine!!

A couple days ago, it was super hot here in L.A. and my roommate and I decided to go job hunting early since we both want out of our current jobs... well he wants out of his, I want to keep my options open so seeking better jobs. Anyway, it was such a beautiful day we changed our plans last minute and decided to head to the beach instead. after a while of soaking up some sun, we headed back to the apartment to lounge out... we stopped by CVS first and picked up some cheap chardonnay which was disgusting btw but you get what you pay for right? and a party size bag of peanut M&Ms... We sipped on the chardonnay as we watched a movie (completely in french btw) and stuffed our faces with those peanut M&Ms... by the time the movie was over, i was sooooo full I began to feel sick, bloated and super fat. After having nothing else to do, my friend said he wants to cut his hair... He wasnt sure if he should do it but then I pushed for it and said yeah why not? it'll grow back... so we headed to the bathroom and I shaved his hair off, leaving him completely bald then he took some shaving cream and a razor to his head to make sure we got every spot completely chaved... it was super fun and strange to see him bald LOL!! . Our new plan is to one day take time off for vacation, rent a car and drive from Los Angeles to the southern most part of Brazil but before we leave Los Angeles, I will shave my head completely bald and see how long my hair grows by the time we reach the south of Brazil. I told my mom iour plan and she said "that's why you two are such good friends you both have such crazy stupid ideas" ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I guess she's right. LOL anyway it was fun. Before bed, I had to run a little that chocolate and wine turned out to not be the best combination lol

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