Wednesday, March 7, 2012

starting to eat meat!

If you didnt know that I'm vegetarian... well... I'm vegetarian... I dont eat any animal... i dont care if they walk, fly, swim or craw... if its an animal of any kind, i wont eat it... this is only because meat became difficult for me to digest... and because I simply dont care for meat or seafood... HOWEVER, i am starting to eat meat little by little... starting with very thin slices of grilled and seasoned beef. I cant eat thick chunks of meat because I'll throw up just at the very thought of eating a chunk of meat... anyway I cant bring myself to eat chicken yet... and definitely not seafood.. even before I became vegetarian, as a little girl, i absolutely hated seafood. I tried scallops... I couldnt eat them, I tried salmon, I couldnt eat that either, muscles, I tried one and it tasted awful, I just hate seafood. if its at a really expensive restaurant and I am not paying for it, then yes i'll eat it for the experience but for me to order it as my main course... NEVER. LOL!! anyway back to the beef. I made my self a salad and topped it with super thin slices of grilled, seasoned beef! It was pretty good! My salad had some grilled heart of palm, artichoke hearts, grilled peppers and red onion, romain lettuce for a nice crunch and a citrus vinaigrette. I topped it with a few super thin slices of grilled seasoned beef. it was delicious!

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Zie said...

i dont eat red meat but i love chicken and fish...we're the opposites Mayra :)
(opposites do attact hehehe)

Anyway i love reading about your food! Always so yummy! You make me wanna take up cooking lessons!!