Friday, March 16, 2012

Poor Kid

Not sure how many of you guys & gals are NBA or any kind of basketball fans, but I LOVE the Los Angeles Lakers! As I was logging into my email account, I happened upon a story about a 7 year old little girl reacting over NBA trades that took place on yesterday. Much to my surprise,my beloved Derek Fisher has been ousted to the Houston Rockets... I know right! BUMMER! To my delight, however, Pau Gasol & Andrew are safe from the chopping block AND... drum roll please!!!!! LUKE WALTON IS GONE!!!! Now, no offense, Luke, but I was beginning to think the guy was paying somebody to remain a part of the team! Hope he finds happiness wherever he goes - yeah, I don't even care where it is lol!

Anyhoot, back to the sweet kid...

So someone, her mom I'm guessing, is videoing while she's telling her about the new trades with the Lakers & Blazers teams. The little one shows the same reactions I do about the Laker trades - smart kid lol! Now when it gets time for "mom" to tell her about the Blazers... well, words simply can't describe it! You've GOTTA just see it!

Poor baby! I just wanna hug her & let her know it's gonna be ok!

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SoHo said...

Amazing how someone so young can already understand the world of competitive basketball. ha ha ha wow