Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My roommate and I LOVE going to soup plantation!! I eat all the veggies I can handle and all the pizza bread I can stuff my face with... best of all we both love soup plantation because we eat more ice cream than we can handle!!! I had to get me seconds!! soft serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce on top. YUM!! this is my small portion... I served myself a way bigger portion the first time. MMMMMM I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!!


Fuser said...

I thought you hate the fat Mayra!
what the hell you're doing with the ice cream? lol

SoHo said...

I do hate to wear the fat on my stomach and face but I sure love to eat it! LOL!! I am always on a diet but I cant say no to ice cream or cake or any sugar when I am out with friends. LOL

Fuser said...

you need to change friends lol

Zie said...

That ice cream sure looks yummy!! i love yogurt too :)
And Mayra u are not fat!! U look great!!!

How are you doing Fuser?
Sorry have not been around lately! Things are so hectic here :(

SoHo said...

Fuser... ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! well I work 7 days a week now so I cant go out much... no time for ice cream anymore. LOL