Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I like this one!!

sorry Laila, I think Ricky Martin is a cutie for sure but I like this guy... Mexican/Italian soccer player Carlo Crociani!!!!!


Zie said...

He is a cutie....i must goggle him and find out which team he plays for :)

Fuser said...

born 18 may 1990
2011-2012 Borgo a Buggiano (2^ Divisione)
Since 1996, for family reasons, lives in Florence.

SoHo said...

wow Fuser ur hilarious!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! that was fast! lol!!

Fuser said...

at your service ma'am! lol

It's great to be here again with you things are pretty bad and the moments here make me forget all my problems.
keep me and Greece at your prayers girls,relly need that.

Zie said...

Thanks for Fuser for the info. You're our one stop information counter :)

You're always in my prayers. Hope things get better soon.