Wednesday, February 8, 2012


First of all I would like to say sorry for not being around so much anymore... I was going through a long interview process for an international airline that I really want to be a part of so I stopped blogging to focus on that. yesterday it was finally over. I attended an invitational open session for the best airline in the sky and out of 215 people invited, only 24 received a call for the final invitation and final assessment round. I was one of the 24 people. out of the 24 people. 8 were selected to join this airline as flight attendants... I was NOT one of them. I came really close but didnt make it. It was one hell of an experience though. I had to go shopping for business attire, heels, stockings, purse, and totally nail my resume and interview all which were flawless.. unfortunately when the last round came... I must have not have done something right because I wasn't one of the lucky 8 that were chosen to join the airline. I intend to retry until I make it. I came sooooooooo close to joining the airline so the next time I get a chance, i will make that mine!!! During that experience I met a cool girl that flew in to L.A. from Utah to attend the interview. She is originally from Ghana and she was soo much fun! The first interview landed on my birthday ... 5th of February, that night I received a call from the airline recruiters saying they wanted me to come to the final round. that was great! My new friend and I hit the town and had some drinks at the W lounge in hollywood where a large number of guys wanted to take pictures with us and bought us drinks LOL. I was sitting at bar looking sad because it was my birthday and I hadnt received the call for the final round yet, just as the bartender asks me what's wrong and I start to tell him it's my birthday and I spend it at this interview for the airline and am expecting them to call me for the final round but it was late and I didnt receive the call yet, my phone starts ringing I run to the bathroom and answer my phone... I hear... " hi may I speak to Mayra?" I say yes it's me! " Hi Mayra I am calling from emerites I want to invite you to the final round tomorrow same place and one hour later tomorrow? I was jumping for joy! they wished me a happy birthday and I quickly tell my friend and we both jumped for joy. My friend missed her call. I let her stay at my place for the two days that we traveled back and forth from the hotel where the interview was at to my house and all over hollywood and all over los angeles. In the end we both didnt get selected but we are both trying again soon. Yesterday I took her to the airport and before she left I told her... "i'll see you in Dubai" Dubai is where the airline is based. she laughed and just like that our journey together ended. It wont be long before we do it all over again this time in Washington D.C or in Dallas. We are determined to fly the sky with this airline and we will make it!!! with that being said, I hope you are all doing well! Thank you for visiting!


Zie said...

YOu will definitely make it!! I am sure of it!! And I will be waiting for your at the airport when you come to Singapore!! WOO-HOO

BTW Happy Belated Birthday!! I sent you a text!! Not sure if you got it!

SoHo said...

Nope didnt get the txt... but THANK YOU!!!! :)
I hope to go to Singapore soon!!

Fuser said...

can we remake your bday at the March 5?
i feel bad cause I did'n remember it :(

SoHo said...

ha ha ha ha Fuser!! ur sooo cute! sure whatever works LOL! ha ha ha ha! BTW Fuser... meet me on twitter... @nojunkfood4me