Friday, February 10, 2012

Chammak Challo

Hi Everyone, Sorry that I have not been blogging. Been busy at work (bad excuse i know).

What have everyone been up to? Besides work I have been spending whatever time I have left in the day watching Hindi movies.
I will share some of my favourite songs/videos.

First video - Chammak Challo. This song is sung by Akon. Yup you read it right...Akon sang this song in Hindi. The actor in this video Shah Rukh Khan is one of my all time favourite Bollywood actors. He is great.

Hope you guys enjoy it.


SoHo said...

wow!! this is AWESOME!!!! and very catchy beat!! i love it!! Thanks for sharing!

SoHo said...

why isnt Akon seen in this video? that would have been great to see both artists together...

Fuser said...

love the colors