Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mezza Happy Hour!!

I had me a late lunch during happy hour at Mezza and boy did I get some deals!!!!! all appetizers from the happy hour menu were half off! and the portions were enough to be a whole meal on it's own. For these three items my total came to $11.34!! not including the tip!! this was an EXCELLENT DEAL!!! I had A LOT of food left over and I'll be back for their garlic fries!! I am a sucker for falafel and this was by far the best falafel i've ever had!! LOL check it out.
Best Falafel I've ever had!! so flavorful and delicious! not dry.
Manaeesh was super good too!! I forgot what cheese I chose LOL but it was delicious!!!
Tabouleh salad is my favorite kind of salad but this one tasted soooo funky! it tasted like how a horse stable smells lol

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