Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alaina - NAM Princess

Hey everybody! My little one has a new website! Please check it out & support her! We're trying to raise funds to go to her National Pageant. Before you say no, please go to her site & take a look at how NAM is helping her! She's learning a lot & is learning to not be so shy! I'm excited about that because I definitely don't want the fear of trying to hold her back! She really enjoyed modeling, getting up on stage & presenting herself & meeting new friends! It's a learning & growing experience like no other; I truly it's a blessing from God! I hope that you can help her continue her journey; she will make you proud to have sponsored her!

You can visit her website HERE! Simply navigate through her photos and information. Her advertising, sponsorship & fundraising sections are all available for you to choose your own way of supporting her! Thanks in advance! Any questions, please email me (Laila)!!!


SoHo said...

OMG LOOK AT MY PRINCESS!!!!! SHE'S SOOO BIG NOW!!!! AWWW IT MAKES ME SAD THAT SHE'S GROWING UP!!! WOW time does fly by!! I am definitely gonna try to make her pageant and the thanx giving banquet... gonna bring my bf along too and try to get more friends to join us!! congrats!!!! how exciting!!

SoHo said...

Hey... I have another favor to ask u... can u check out why the pictures wont hide behind a see more button? I mean the codes are there, they're just not working... :(