Monday, July 25, 2011

Astro Burger!

I hadnt had a burger... and by burger i mean veggie burger and fries in almost 1 year!!!! so yesterday I decided to take a friend along with me and have a burger and fries for lunch.. she had a veggie burger for the first time and I had my veggie deluxe burger, fries, and fried zucchini for the first time in almost a year so I totally enjoyed it and where else to get a great burger than ASTRO BURGER! picture below is the fried zucchini! sooo good!


Laila said...

Dude that looks good!

SoHo said...

trust me, it's DELICIOUS!!!! just one of the many places u gotta eat at when u FINALLY come to L.A.!!!!! I am soooooooo excited!!!!!!