Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animal style fries

I LOVE french fries!!! I love french fries in any shape and form. One night I went to my job at Le Saint Amour and had fries... but chef Alex didnt just give me french fries... he gave me animal style fries. I had NO idea what these were because apparently you can get them at the burger chain restaurant In N out but I dont eat fast food unless its astro burger because they offer vegetarian options. anyway so i didnt know what animal style fries were... basically its a house dressing, which i am not sure what exactly is in it, caramelized onions, and a hand full of cheese on top. melt it all together and you've got a plate of golden glory!!!!!! it was pretty delicious!! above is my before picture... below is my after picture! I WENT TO TOWN ON THOSE FRIES!!!!

Have any of you had animal style fries from IN N OUT? i've never heard of them before. are they any good? feel free to click on the button below that reads "0 people said what?" and leave ur comments! thanx guys!

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