Monday, August 22, 2011

pretty cool owl shot!

two nights ago, my friend and I were hiking up griffith park at night as many people do, and an owl flew in front of us and stood there just staring at us... it was cute!! we kept walking and it flew and landed on a nearby tree. I took a picture of it and it kind of creeped me out how it looked like a cat because this thing was huge and had pointy cat ears. as i took the second picture, it flew away and created a money shot! lol if only my phone took better quality pictures... I didnt bother turning the flash on because it would have scared it but I love the view of all of Los Angeles in the background.


Zie said...

oh my goodness..what a beautiful shot of LA in the background! Makes me wanna go to LA again. Missing USA a lot!!

SoHo said...

Then bring ur butt out here girl!! LOL :) I have another picture of L.A. I'll post it. OMG when u come out here, I'll take u to this spot. you will not believe how beautiful the view is.