Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Made dessert for the Princess!!

While I was away, I also changed restaurants and I worked for a very good company but i am NOT going to say which one because the company was good but their egos were flying so high it was amazing. Serious jerks. Anyway, so one night we get a reservation for a week later and it turns out that the princes of Thailand was going to eat at my restaurant and she wanted her guests to have nice chairs but she wanted hers to look better than everybody else's... SERIOUSLY???? yes!! she really did request that her seat look better than her guests seats. Anyway she and her guests had a 4 course dinner roasted chicken was one of them a little appetizer of fried risotto balls and fried mini meatballs with garlic aioli, then they had pan seared scallops and some other stuff on the plate but i forgot... then it came time for dessert and that's where I come in!!! :) I served her and her guests the Italian tiramisu cake with chocolate sauce, and some bombolini which are basically donut holes or Italian donuts. with a condensed milk glaze and a few drops of blood orange sauce. the princes also wanted strawberries on her dessert plate so I added some strawberries and then she asked for more for her guests so I added more for her guests on a separate plate. of course I made their strawberries look pretty too. but anyway now I get to say that I made dessert for the princess of Thailand!!! How many people get to say that??? eh?

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