Saturday, March 16, 2013


Picture above is one of the bartenders at Les Noces Du Figaro creating a little art on one of the drinks he made.

Picture above is the artwork that the bartender at Les Noces Du Figaro (Downtown Los Angeles) created

Hi everybody!!!!!!!! Ok so today i want to tell you about a super cute and classy restaurant out here in Los Angeles.... downtown L.A. The restaurant is called Les Noces Du Figaro and its such a beautiful restaurant.. super classy the food is GREAT and the service is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! especially if your server is Karim. He is an amazing French server with sassy written all over him. So Les Noces Du Figaro in downtown Los Angeles features a huge display case with lots of wonderful very French pastries. Macaroon to die for, pretty tarts, eclair, and so much more...  just so beautiful!! The food is very very good they offer escargo, steak tartar, super good salads, and get this.... they have a FULL BAR!!! yes not only wine and beer or champagne but a FULL BAR with all kinds of hard liquor. They offer such a beautiful Saturday and Sunday Brunch. You can sit on the patio and have bottomless mimosas while you "people watch" :) really is such a great place and just by walking by and looking in, you would think it is an expensive place by how it looks but really it is completely affordable!!!!!!!!!!! OH and the best part is their HAPPY HOUR!!! no other restaurant i've eaten at has a happy hour like this one.... they have happy hour on weekends from 8pm to 2am!!!!!!!!!! isnt that AMAZING?? no other restaurant I know of does that. it is too wonderful!! seriously if you are ever out here in Downtown L.A. you MUST stop by Les Noces Du Figaro and have yourself a lovely French brunch, lunch or dinner. I recommend this place 100%. here is the link to their facebook...definitely check it out... its amazing!! 

More pictures of the food and pastries here:

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