Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebration lunch!!

Ok so I decided to have myself a little celebration lunch by myself after work today so I went to a Brazilian restaurant that my awesome Brazilian co worker recommended me.
It is located in downtown Los Angeles on 9th and Spring and it is called woodspoon. yes... its one word... Woodspoon. My friend recommended the sangria, the coxinha (croquette), and the chicken pot pie. First to arrive to my table was a carafe filled with ice water infused with a cinnamon stick... it was really nice!!

Next to arrive was my sangria... I chose white sangria since i was going to have chicken as my main dish and boy was that sangria the BEST sangria i've ever had!!!

A 10 minute wait, I received my coxinha; 4 teardrop shaped chicken croquettes fried to crispy golden perfection!! on the side was a ramekin with a dipping sauce that was super creamy and very tasty with a hint of spiciness. I took my for and knife and slowly cut through the crispy exterior, the surprisingly creamy dough of the dumpling itself, and finally through the moist and perfectly seasoned chicken interior. SO GOOD.

After I was done, my plate was removed after about 7 minutes and as i stared into the kitchen to watch the magic happen, I see that a beautiful exotic looking woman keeps staring back at me from the kitchen and tells her cooks something and smiles. the cooks keep looking back at me and they all seem nervous including the beautiful woman who looks like she might be the chef or something.

about 13 minutes later, the lovely woman comes over to my table and presents to me my pot pie. "wow it looks wonderful" I said, "thank you" she replied.
"Are you the owner?" I asked. "Yes I am" she proudly replied.
"your restaurant is super cute and so far what i have drank and eaten is AMAZING!!!!!!!!"
"oh thank you thank you" she said to me with a huge smile on her face and her hand on her heart.
"I was recommended to come here by my co worker... her name is Lily"
"oh LILY?" she exclaimed "the brazilian girl?"
Yes her!
"yes she's my friend" she said proudly
Yes Lily is a great cook and she has wonderful recommendations I am happy I came here. I was going to bring my boyfriend with me to eat here with me but he's in miami and I couldnt wait. I will bring him when he comes back. such a beautiful cute little restaurant.
"oh thank you thank you" she said, enjoy
 Thank you so much.

so I wasted no time and started cutting through my chicken pot pie... I tell you this pot pie was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!! it tasted very fresh, very "homemade" the dough on the top was super good. flakey and soft at the same time and tasted buttery. it was just a super well made pot pie. the chicken was good. it was creamy, it was flavorful and worth the $15! that's right! 15 bucks for a chicken pot pie that can fit on the palm of your hand but it was worth every penny!! combined with my sangria i had me a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I called the waiter over and asked how long the restaurant has been opened. He said about 6 years. I said sorry i kept staring at all of you guys in the kitchen. I cook for a living and when I go to a restaurant its a natural reflection of mine to just look at their kitchen and watch everything being made and how the kitchen works. so I do apologize if i made you guys uncomfortable. it seemed like you guys were all looking back at me too."
"The waiter laughed kindly and said " oh no, actually she wanted to make sure everything was ok and wanted to bring out your pot pie herself so he could ask you if everything was fine but she knows you are a chef and she knows its natural for somebody that cooks to keep looking at the kitchen when they eat at a restaurant"
ok great just making sure she doesnt think i am strange.
oh no you are ok.
so the waiter goes in the kitchen and he brings out 3 coconut macaroons. "this is from Natalia" OH WOW!!!!!!  thank you sooo much I LOVE COCONUT!! tell her i said thank you. yes i will.
so my check arrives, I pay and say my thank yous and I leave. very happy even though I did not like the feeling of spending 45 dollars on lunch but it was soo good then i realized i must eat at very nice places because my lunch and dinners are always in the 45 plus range. I think i've reprogrammed myself throughout my culinary career to eat the finer things in life ha ha ha ha I went to Mcdonalds the other day and I had chicken nuggets for the first time in almost 10 years... I had a breakfast sandwich from Mc Donalds as well and I tell you the food is bland, the texture is horrible... when you work at fine restaurants you eat quality food all the time.

anyway so my lunch was WONDERFUL!!

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