Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lovely night!

Ok so i like to enjoy my days off from work so I will usually invite a friend out to dinner or if i work dinner shift and leave work past midnight, most likely i've not eaten so my co worker/friend and I will go out to eat every night. yes dinner past midnight... I had one of my days off so i decided to buy this really good blueberry bread that you can slice up heat and spread butter over or just have as is. I bought some Mount Tam cheese which was creamier than brie. Had some raspberries on hand, olives, red and white wine, prosciutto, and lots of pastries that my friend and I brought home from work. I initially had all this food to enjoy casually on my day off but i needed a friend so one day after work I invited my friend from work over and we ate for like 3 hours non stop. ha ha ha it was amazing!!! then we had french macarons, chocolate covered almonds, lemon bar, chocolate cake, lemon cake, an assortment of cookies. all in one night! it was AWESOME!!

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