Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi All,

Greetings from Sunny Singapore. Well today is sunny anyway. Weather's been kinda weird lately. One minute it's hot the next it's raining.

Sorry for not blogging. Been rather busy at work as usual. Weekends i try to catch up on sleep.

Anyway wanted to share with everyone another reason why i have been busy lately :) I have been going to see several shows by Singapore's very 1st Idol.. Taufik Batisah. He is so nice. My friends and I met him a few times and one time he actually said my name! Imagine how shocked i was. He knew my twitter name and even there he actually said a thank you to me. How sweet rite? I've supported him since 2004 when he was in Idol and won. Now 8 years on he is still top in my list. Here is a picture of Taufik and I. This was after a concert where he was the guest artist. I didnt have time to get my hair done or change as i came straight from work and my sis only told me she managed to get the tickets at the last minute. But i was happy to have met him.

Ok i have to get back to work. More soon :)


Fuser said...

I so happy for you girl!
This is great news!
I wish you to spend some private time . the first step was already done, he knows you, right? so...everything is possible!

SoHo said...

oh Zie!! how i envy you and the time you have to go to all those shoes. must be nice. new crush?

Zie said...

I envy you living in LA! so much fun..i love reading your posts about the places you go to and all the food!! YUMMY!!! Share some recipes here with us..i wanna try some simple dishes too :)

I have been crushing on Taufik since 2004 when he won the 1st Singapore Idol. Now it's escalated!! lol