Thursday, April 26, 2012

horrible day

Ok so a couple of days ago, I was finishing work and my manager gave me some tomato soup in a "to go" container so I could take with me after work. That was super nice of him so i took the soup and put it in my backpack, hopped on my bike and rode to my car... In case you havent been to Beverly Hills, I'll tell you know that there is only 2 hour parking in Beverly Hills unless you have a permit and if you have a permit that means you live there. public parking in beverly hills is VERY difficult to find. especially all day parking for the people who work there... actually there is no free all day parking.. you have to pay a whole lot of money to park all day unless you buy a pass. lets put it this way.. in beverly hills, there is no such thing as free public parking on public streets like the rest of los angeles... In order for me to still work in beverly hills and not have to pay, I drive half way there with my bike in my car and i park at a nearby city where I can park all day for free and I take my bike and ride the rest of the way to work so i dont pay to park. Anyway I was running late one day so I parked in a 2 hour parking zone in beverly hills this time that is actually free all day on sundays...normally I park in culver city. it was a sunday and i was soooo exhausted after work but i hopped on my bike with my tomato soup in my backpack and made my way to my car in culver city. when I get to culver city, i see that my car isnt there!! then i remember its sunday and I parked in beverly hills!!! so I turn around and start peddling back to beverly hills... as I peddled away, my front tire of my bike got stuck in a crack on the concrete and I fell smashing the container I had in my backpack full of tomato soup. I quickly get up and look inside my backpack... TOMATO SOUP EVERYWHERE ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF MY BACKPACK AND MY WORK SHOES AND UNIFORM!! I pull the container out with the tomato soup, take one last sip and throw the rest away. As I try to empty my backpack of the soup, it splatters all over me and now I'm covered in soup. I get up and pack my stuff back into my dirty backpack and make my way to my car in beverly hills... when I arrive i put my bike in my car and drive away to my friends apartment in west hollywood. He gave me his key so i could make myself at home while he's at work for the evening. as I near west hollywood, I suddenly run out of gas... I manage to pull into a residential street and park before i run out. sure enough i run out of gas the moment i park. West hollywood is much like beverly hills.. you have to live there to park in a residential street. I had no choice. i had to park permit or not. I grab my emergency gallon out of the back of my car and hopped on my bike to the nearest gas station. which was about a mile away. I pour make it to the gas station and fill up my plastic gallon with gas. it doesnt have the top so i seal it with a plastic bag and a rubber band. at this point i stink of tomato soup and dirt. I'm dirty. when i get back to my car after biking a mile, I see I got a ticket for paring without a permit!!!!!! I discard the ticket cuz i know i wont pay it so I lean my bike onto my car while i gas up my car. I improvised and rolled up a notebook i had in my car and used that to put the gas in my car's gas tank. I spilled lots of it on myself because i didnt have the proper tools to fuel but i got it done so I get back in my car and drive to my friends apartment... as i park in the structure I sigh and think wow now Im safely here. I'll just shower and relax for a bit. when I go to the back of my car to get my bike out, its not there!!!!!! I left it next to my truck while i fueled!!!! i drove off and left my bike on the street!!!! I hope back in my car a drive as fast as possible back to where i had first parked when i fueled my car... I tried to turn into that street but it was a one way street so I parked at a nearby restaurant and ran in the dark to where I fueled... I thought surely my bike wont be there anymore... then suddenly there it was... someone picked it off the street and carefully leaned it against a building in case the owner showed up he or she would see it. I was soooooooo grateful!! I picked up my bike rode it to my car put it in and drove back to the apartment. I finally made it safely into the apartment and i stripped myself of all my clothes and took all my clothes from my backback and my backpack and stuffed it all inside the washing machine. As my clothes, uniform, and backpack was being washed, I took a nice warm shower. then I relaxed and watched tv with the dog and waited for my friend to come home... it was a terrible day!!! glad that's over!

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