Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Really stupid people.

Last night, one of the most patient and awesome servers we have at my job, came in to the pastry kitchen with a little slip that was a note for one of the tables he was serving that night. what was that note? well... that note was a freaking LIST yes you read it correctly an entire LIST of all the things that this woman at the table was "allergic" to. OK stop reading and take a look at the picture now... go ahead, read the list... Ok now that you've read it, isnt that awful??? so out of curiosity, I waited until the lady finished eating to ask the server what she ordered... He said, did you see the list? I said yes that's insane! he said I know that's bullsh!t. I asked again, so what did she order. he said everything! I said no what did she eat? he said everything!! frustrated, and thinking that he didnt understand my question, I asked again, what was she able to eat? again he said EVERYTHING! everything on the list!! shocked, I said WHAT??? He said yeah, she ordered food that contained everything on her list, ate it, and she didnt die. I laughed in disbelief! UGH I hate those people! He said in frustration. I said well, look on the bright side, it makes life interesting. If everything was perfect night after night, then work would be kind of boring. LOL!! So anyway, that was the stupid people that I mean when I say I am tired of people with their fake allergies... Oh yeah, later on, the same waiter comes in and says hey, I have this lady that's allergic to strawberries and cranberries, I know the black berry compote doesnt have strawberries or cranberries, but I just want to make sure... I dont wanna kill anyone. Ha ha ha ha ha!! I thought that was hilarious because the level of sarcasm was pretty intense. LOL. No, I confirmed. Ok heh heh, thanx he said, and walked back to the table to inform the lady. it was certainly an awful night for me as well. SUPER slow, just eh... not feeling it. OK so that was my restaurant rant for today... I think! lol! Oh I did research and found that only 1 percent of adults and 3 percent of children actually are proven to have food allergies. the rest of people are just having reactions to food which is different from food allergies. read this:

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