Thursday, June 23, 2011

my delicious food!

I just realized that I have an incredibly healthy appetite!! not a bad thing at all. here are some pictures of what I have been eating a lot of lately. My favorite foods!!! The first picture is a chickpea and dandelion salad From M de Chaya which is where I used to work MAKING THIS SALAD LOL! The second picture is a salad from my current job that my buddy Sean made for me and it's basically a green bean salad with a whole mustard dressing... you can see the mustard seeds in it. that's great!The third picture is by far my favorite salad of all and it's the quinoa salad that I used to make at M De Chaya. It's a quinoa salad cooked with beet juice so that it looks like red quinoa. then seasoned with pickle juice and something else but i forgot. LOL anyway it has bits of beets and cucumber with some lemon zest and dill. MY FAVORITE!!!
Next up is my second favorite salad...well... I think its a tie between the quinoa and this one. this is a kale salad with spicey peanut sauce. garnished with red onion. DELICIOUS!! ok so that's my favorite foods hands down!!

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