Friday, June 10, 2011

Coffee addiction!!

My mom has me hooked on this coffee by nestle called "cafe de olla" spanish for coffee from the pot. You see, in Mexico we make what we call "cafe de olla" because it is brewed in a pot with a bit of cinnamon and a couple other spices. It's aroma is soooo AMAZING trust me, if you have access to nestle's cafe de olla coffee, you must try it!! It's the closest thing to real authentic Mexican coffee. The smell of a medium roasted coffee with comforting cinnamon, the sweet smell of that tiny hint of vanilla... ahhhh I am transported right back to Mexico!!! Wake up in the morning to the sound of the water splashing on the rocks in the river right outside my bedroom window; the smell of this delicious organic freshly picked, roasted and ground Mexican coffee seeping in through the bottom of my bedroom door making it's way to my bed flowing so smoothly under my nose. AHHHH!!! Every morning this smell is what woke me up and dragged me out of bed and every night it was this same smell that sent me to shower, put on my most comfy pajamas had me a cup of coffee with my dad (R.I.P. LOVE U PAPA), my two awesome aunts and my grandparents, and then sent me off to bed. AAHHH, it is this smell that reminds me of the nights of conversation in Mexico with my family... previously mentioned.. again and again and again,... night after night, conversations, laughs coffee, and the sound of a river flowing calmly next to the house. The fire flies!! I finally saw real fire flies!!! I am from the city... LOS ANGELES to be exact so there is no way in hell I'll ever see a fire fly out here but in mexico there are plenty flying over that river!! sooo beautiful. Anyway that's what this coffee reminds me of... It's delicious!!! Anyway back to my point. my point is that my mom was introduced to this nestle coffee by her sister who found this instant version in mexico then she came back to L.A. and found it out here too!!! now my mom introduced it to me and I am totally addicted to it!! I had 4 cups in 1 day! that's a lot of coffee! lol! The taste is sooo similar to the one you make from scratch in mexico it just sends me back... anyway you must try it if you can find it in a supermarket near you or hell, do what I do with stuff I cant find in stores... ORDER ONLINE! LOL that's exactly what I will do when huitlacoche season comes around (huitlacoche is the Mexican truffle) since it is not legal to sell it fresh in the states, I will buy it frozen online. pricey but well worth ur buck!

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