Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I"ve been working out like crazy for the past couple of months.... my motivation? well I made a bet with Laila who could get in shape by the end of july... I personally want my six pack by then. I've been working out twice a day everyday for the past two months I am in great shape but lately my workouts seem to be week and for the past two weeks they've been almost not existent. I suddenly got extremely lazy and have had headaches... So I asked my uncle ray (Dr. Alexander) about it. He said my hormones are off balance and that I need to wait until they get back to normal on their own. THIS SUCKS!!! I NEED TO GET BACK TO MY HARDCORE WORKOUTS I DONT HAVE TIME TO WAIT!!!!! MY SIX PACK IS NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR ME SO I NEED TO GET BACK TO MY NORMAL WORKOUTS ASAP!!!! hormones suck!!!!


Tim Cooper said...

As both of you want to reduce the weight such that Laila wants to reduce her weight and you want to make a proper six packs therefore this would be only possible if you are getting lot of supplements and also proper diet.

SoHo said...

HI TIm!! yes I have a proper diet but as far as supplements, I am not a big fan of them. I may need to take some as I am a vegetarian. I am back to my normal workouts and eating very healthy again. I can see my six pack by the end of july. so exciting!!

Thanx for visiting the blog!

SoHo said...
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