Tuesday, April 5, 2011

awesome lasagna

I've been cooking a lot lately... I have been exercising so much lately that I get hungry soooo fast and so often so I find myself cooking a lot more. LOL and eating so much that you wouldnt believe how much I eat ha ha ha ha ha I eat even when I am not hungry just because I know I'll be hungry soon LOL anyway that's ok because I can feel my exercise working! I am working on a girl six pack on my stomach and I can almost see it!! YAY!!! ok back to the post... anyway I made a vegetarian lasagna and it was amazing!!! check it out. LOL oh I didnt use pasta... Instead I used sweet potato and zucchini! great stuff. I layered it with pinto beans, cauliflower, green beans, russet potato mashed with turnips then blended together to make a creamy sauce using water and a vegetable bouillon cube. then the tomato sauce, some mozzarella cheese, basically every vegetable that I had in my crisper for days waiting to be used LOL it was delicious. apparently my carnivore sister said it was the best lasagna she's had in her life!! This girl does not like anything that doesnt have meat in it and if she loved my lasagna.. I am pretty happy! LOL

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