Thursday, May 1, 2014

Women Have Surgery so Designer Heels Fit Better

Just when I thought the Los Angeles, fashion scene was ridiculous, I stumble onto
this article that makes me absolutely despise "designer" anything!!! How on earth 
can a human be so superficial and so out of touch with reality that they get surgery to 
fit into their "designer" heels better???? This is beyond me. I wish I could run away from 
all this stupidity on this planet and go home to a safe "stupid -free" place I call home. 
However, home is here. Home is L.A. I have known no other home than the "City of Angels" 
"Lala Land" "Tinsle Town" what have you. Los Angeles is my home. Born and raised in a 
city where women are so into themselves they don't realize that the years have gone by and 
that they are not young, blonde, thin and beautiful anymore. These women have age spots and 
have the body of a young woman and face of the crypt keeper but still pump their face and lips 
with so much crap all human expression is lost in a sea of plastic. This is my home... WHY???
I love that I was born in Los Angeles, I don't love what Los Angeles has become.. 
With that said and done, check out this article. Yes I am too lazy to type up my own POV on this article so again i will copy and paste. 
How far are women willing to go for fashion? According to the New York Times, pretty far. The newspaper walks a mile in the shoes of a handful of LA- and NYC-based podiatrists who perform procedures specifically designed to help women fit comfortably into designer heels. What types of surgery are women undergoing for the sake of their Manolo Blahniks? Aesthetic toe-shortening, fat-pad augmentation, and toe-lengthening procedures, by way of one Beverly Hills podiatrist, who brands his procedures with names like "the Cinderella" and "Perfect 10!"
A Park Avenue podiatrist, who recommends Prada and Michael Kors for women looking for a wider shoe, offers injectable fillers for cushioning and other injections to tame profuse sweating; another NYC practitioner corrects what he calls Hitchhiker's Toe (a case of an outsize big toe) but drew the line at one patient's request: amputation of a pinkie toe to allow for a better fit.
And it's not a new trend: The Times checked in on it in 2003, focusing on the "perils on the procedures"-an elective bunion removal, for instance, that ended up saddling the patient with serious foot pain. Time points out that woman are doing other "gross things" for fashion's sake, like Botoxing their calves to make them skinnier, and thereby better suited for skinnyjeans and slim boots.

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