Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It's lunch time and I'm at school doing French homework while being VERY distracted with my laptop. I can't seem to stay offline. At the moment, I find myself doing anything but homework. Yes, this is bad. However, I can't seem to pause my mind as it is running at 80mph with a billion thoughts per minute. yes, I know.
As I web surf, on yahoo, (I prefer yahoo to google. Why? because yahoo has many small stories on it's "front page" if you will and you can sort of browse at every category at once. Google isn't really my cup of tea but whatevs) I casually scan the page for eye catching topics or pictures. I come across a "food writer's" article in which this New Yorker reviews about a dozen Los Angeles restaurants. Now THIS I GOTTA SEE!! I love reading restaurant and food reviews by so called "foodies" or "food critics" however, they all seem to be reviewing the same restaurants over and over and over again. In Los Angeles, I would say that there are about maybe 4 or 3 dozen restaurants that keep getting reviewed by different "critics" of the food scene. It's like these reviewers are a heard of sheep that just review what other "critics" review and over-hype restaurants that in truth, are nothing but a name with mediocre food and service. I would LOVE to create a food magazine or weekly paper in which "critics" or even ordinary people that just love food can review their favorite non "name brand" restaurants. How fun would that be? Hearing reviews for these over-exposed chefs and restaurants makes me want to throw up. SERIOUSLY. When will these sheep go home and stay home??? Ok this was my rant for today. I'm going to contemplate have dinner at a non sheep restaurant.

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Fernanda Ferraz said...

I also can not go offline, is incredible.
Ahahha sorry to be nosy, but I just wanted to comment on your post because it was written on my birthday. Loved it.