Monday, January 27, 2014

Daft Punk's Grammy's After Party!!!! 2014

Last night I was working at Daft Punk Grammy's after party super close to my house. I literally walked back home. ha ha ha ha ha!! Anyway, the party was hosted by French dual Daft Punk. I must say the party was pretty wack. LOL wasn't a very good party in my opinion. Just drinks and 4 Djs playing. Among the people attending were, Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z, a bunch of obvious "A-listers" that I didn't care for. The night was ok and I just wanted to go home because my high heels were killing me. LOL UNTIL I SAW...... STROMAE!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! STROMAE was the ONLY person to have me star struck. I think he noticed me staring at him because when he was making his way into the venue, he kept looking back at me and I was just stunned I couldn't take my eyes of him ha ha ha ha!!! I then saw him a few more times throughout the night inside the party and he and his posse left a bit early. I wish he would have smiled. he was so serious the entire time. Maybe because the party sucked. LOL
In case you're wondering, where are the pictures, I didn't take any. I was not allowed to take pictures or even have my phone with me while on duty. Besides my phone was completely dead anyway. I liked that nobody in the states knew who Stromae was. He's famous in Europe not so much in America. I LOVE STROMAE!!

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