Saturday, January 25, 2014

I love Enrique Iglesias's shoes!

My roommate's friend often brings his dog to my apartment so we can dog sit while he's away working with his clients, who include Daisy Fuentes, Eva Mendez, and Enrique Iglesias, among other celebs. This time he did a photo shoot for Mr Iglesias and chose the close shoes and hair style among other things. He usually give my roommate the clothes that is left from photo shoots and events and among some of those items where the shoes that Enrique Iglesias wore for the photo shoot of his new album... I ablsolutely LOVE them. Unfortunately they fit my roommate too big. They are a size 13. My roommate is a size 11.. I would love a pair of these exact shoes in my size and for women... pair them with some dark blue skinny jeans a loose knitted or lace cream color blouse and I'm set to go!! awww too bad! lol we still have the shoes just in the closet but maybe my roommate can re gift them lol

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