Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halloween was .... O..K... I guess..

Sorry I didnt post for Halloween, I didn't take pictures and that's because there was so much going on that I just didn't have time to do so. This halloween I was Cleopatra. My roommate and I went to the West Hollywood Halloweeen Parade and checked out all the cool costumes. He got drunk of course and I babysat him all night. I do have this fear of him getting hurt or even killed or jailed. I try to watch out for him when he's drunk cuz I dont want to be the one that has to call his mom in France and say 'your son is dead or in jail" I could NEVER bring myself to make a call like that; that is why for halloween i was the sober one and he was blistered dressed as a runaway bride. ha ha ha ha! he had a wedding dress on that we went shopping for. He also bought a tiara and a "diamond" necklace to compliment his dress. it was hilarious. I tried to go buy him some food so he can sober up a little bit and every time I came back, there was always some guys trying to take him home with them. I had to keep scaring them off. ha ha ha ha ha anyway we didnt take pictures of us but i took this one when i got home and washed all the makeup off. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
I love my snake bracelet lol my roommate bought me that lol

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Zie said...

You look great and it seems like you had a blast on Halloween! We dont see any here in SIngapore. Nobody walks around in costumes trick or treating! I so must go to LA one Halloween hahaa...