Wednesday, December 18, 2013

coolest christmas house ever!!!!!!

We have all seen some "all-out" homes when it comes to christmas lights and decorations. 2 days ago my sister took me to see a house she likes to pass by and see. The owners of the home go all out. their entire front yard is completely boarded up and in a matter of days, the boards come down and what is revealed is an entire town of mini christmas decorations and a running train!!! this is absolutely spectacular!! I have to give them credit for having the patiece to put up all those details every single year!! I took a couple pictures but the entire thing was too big for me to capture in one shot.They also set out these benches on the side walk so that people can climb on top of them and see the entire "snow" covered town. Its so beautiful!!

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Zie said...

WOW!! this is amazing and beautiful.