Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mozza reunion!!

Last night i went out for dinner with my very good friend Ashley that used to work with me at Mozza. I had not seen this girl in months and it was time for a dinner date. when we arrived, we found that a bunch of our Mozza friends now work at this new restaurant by Michael Voltaggio called Ink. Our waiter friends from Mozza were now our waiters at Ink!! it was sooo nice to see them again... we then scanned the room and found our hostess friend from Mozza and another waiter from Mozza having dinner together. It was soooooooo awesome we had a mini ex Mozza employee reunion. Most of all I loved chatting and catching up with Ashely. she's really my friend who has gone through hell and back with me while we were both at Mozza. good times!

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