Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ellen Page is gay and is a big deal????

We all know Ellen Page from her role on Juno as the young pregnant teen that ends up giving up her baby to a couple that couldn't have a baby.
Yesterday, Ellen Page came out as gay saying she is tired of lying to herself or whatever. The LGBT community gave her a standing ovation. Is that a bad thing? No. Good! you are gay. NOW STOP BEING ON OUR FACES ABOUT IT. WE DON'T FREAKIN CARE!!!!
I have absolutely nothing against the gay, lesbian, bi, trans, community but seriously, must you disrupt daily normal activities of the non gay population to let us know you are loud and proud? by this I mean gay parades. Seriously nobody cares to know what your sexual preference is in the bedroom. stop making a big deal LGBT community. Would it be wrong if the non gay population would throw a huge parade for 3 days just to let everybody else know that we are straight and proud? really?
Think about it!

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