Saturday, June 29, 2013

You know you are an "Angelino" when...

Ok so my friends from out of state were talking about changing the tires on their cars for year round tires because apparently their car tires are winter tires... I was like WHAT??? They explained to me that in other states they actually have harsh winters and need to switch their tires to winter tires because of rain and snow but since we dont have snow and only a little rain out heare in los angeles, they need year round tires. That's when I realized you know you are a true "Angelino" (somebody born and raised in Los Angeles) like me, when you didnt even know that winter tires exist!! Its usually very sunny out here in Los Angeles and since I was born and raised here and continue to live out here, I dont know the winters in other states. I am super lucky to live in a city where we dont have bad weather and dont have to keep changing tires on our cars every winter season! :)

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