Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tea time w/ Jean Marie

It's tea time!!! I had gotten a wonderful job an was fired 3 days later. ha ha ha ha some people out there are absolute jerks but anyway, that same day my boyfriend broke up with me so i was feeling pretty sad and decided to go out and have a little fun. Who do i call when i want to hang out and speak french? none other than my ex bf's pastry chef JEAN MARIE!!! he is the pastry chef at my ex bf's restaurant. He is sooooooooo funny and speaks to me in French!! lol I love hanging out with Jean Marie cuz he makes me happy and I love to practice my french with him. he also has a LOT to talk about... anyway and he knows cool little spots. like this Moroccan tea place. We had mint tea... it was very nice.

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Zie said...

That looks so good! i love tea any kinds of tea i love.. :)