Thursday, August 2, 2012


My roommate R¡MK and I had dinner at Cafe Concerto. We started with drinks. I had a vanilla latte and he had a beer. Both were very good. We started with truffle french fries. Basically fries tossed in truffle oil and parm cheese. Disappointing. Couldn't taste the truffle oil at all and only had a very small hint of the parmesan cheese. Next I had a lotus salad i didnt know it was basically a salad of chopped tomatoes and zucchini and a few other veggies tossed in a yummy dressing with lotus as the GARISH... i love lotus root and was sad to eat it only as a garnish and the menu said it was a lotus salad. then some cream of mushroom soup. the soup was good. my roommate had muscles... yes the seafood muscles. they were sooooooo tiny and it was a pasta not a bowl of muscles. The muscles were sooo tiny and not much flavor either. next we had some coffee and macaroons. the macaroons were not the best but the coffee was awesome. overall not a very good place for food. it is good for coffee and the decor and ambiance but not for food. they give you blankets when u sit on the patio.


Fuser said...

everything looks amazing!
miss you.

SoHo said...

miss you too little lady!!!