Monday, May 7, 2012


Alright so last weekend was Cinco de Mayo which is huge out here in the states and if you dont know its basically a celebration of when Mexico defeated France in the french/mexican war. My roommate is french and he wanted to go out to drink and celebrate his country getting its butt kicked by my country LOL. after work, we went out to west hollywood and drank up a storm of alcohol!! i tried to not drink so much because i was going to have to drive but my roommate being the party animal that he is kept buying me drinks and well... they're expensive so i cant just NOT drink them. LOL!! Drinking started at 11pm cinco de mayo night and we got home at 5 in the morning... I had to work 4 hours later and boy did that SUCK!!! i was still drunk by the time I started work and my boss thought it was funny that i was a complete mess. LOL!! HOWEVER being the great employee that i am i was still early an hour! LOL we have such cool pictures! I will post them... stay tuned! here they are

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