Thursday, December 1, 2011


Alright everybody!! it's time to play love connection!!! YAY!!!
My friend Pattern is looking for a special lady he can spend the holidays
with and far more beyond the holidays. He lives in Los Angeles county in
the city of Santa Monica, California so its better if you are in the area.
He asked me to help him find a special girl for him so this is my way
of helping him... my blog! :)

Pattern is 31 yrs old, he's a black man from the Ivory coast or also known
in spanish as la costa de Marfil. His native language is French, but he also
speaks Spanish and English and is an American citizen. He has an
athletic build and a great sense of humor.

If you are interested, check out his facebook and send him a message

Pattern Gondo is his full name...


Fuser said...

single here but in the other site of the atlantic ocean lol
good luck mayra's friend.

SoHo said...

LOL ur tooo funny!